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Updated 3.9.19

This section contains downloadable resources prepared by KFx on a variety of subjects. They are arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posted at the top.

Some of the resources were written during previous periods of employment. They are posted here to ensure their continued availability.

All resouces can be downloaded free of charge. They remain the intellectual property of Kevin Flemen and should not be ammended or redistributed without written permission. This will be freely given for all not-for-profit use.

Drugs and legal information is constantly changing and users of this literature should always ensure that they are using up to date information. No liability can be accepted for any innaccuracies or ommissions in any of these resources.

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In order to view these documents you will need to have a copy of Acrobat Reader, This can be downloaded here.

Fact Sheets
HOOCH (Dec 2019)
[1pp: PDF: Colour]
A one page briefing on home-made alcohol, aimed at Prison Drugs Workers.
Screening and Assessment tools
Xanax and Related Compounds:
Screening and Action Plan tool
A toolkit for people using benzodiazepines and related drugs outside of medical settings. The toolkit is aimed at young people and young adults, with a focus on Xanax (alprazolam) but it is sufficiently flexible to be used with any benzodiazepine, Z-drugs and Pregabalin. It includes awareness raising exercises, dependency tools and action plans.  [Uploaded September 2019. 18pp]
Synthetic Cannabinoids (SCRA) Screening and Action Plan toolA toolkit for people using Spice/Mamba and to help promote discussion about behaviour change. The 2015 version has been revised to reflect the primary use amongst people who are homeless/vulnerably housed or prisoners and now includes the Withadrawal Severity Index tool which was previously a separate document [uploaded Septemeber 2019: 12pp]
Cannabis Screening and Action Plan ToolA revised version on the Cannabis Screening tool. Visually altered to make with colour and better layout. it replaces the version in the Cannabis Pack. [Uploaded September 2015. PDF 10pp]
Newer Unregulated Drugs
Screening Tool for Young People
This simple screening tool is intended to assess which Newer Unregulated Drugs (or NPCs) are being used and the impact of use. It is a intended to be printed at 2pp, double sided A4, giving an 8 page booklet. Minor amendments to one question have bene made.
[Revised September 2015]
Resource packs
DRUGS MAP (January 2017)This chart locates newer and 'traditional' drugs in a framework grouped by effect, colour-coded by legal status. Widely used on training courses, it is a powerful visual summary of key information suitable for laminating and displaying in numerous settings for easy reference. Includes changes resulting from the PSA 2016, SCRAs controlled in December 2016 and benzodiazepines made TCDO drugs in 2016.

Performance Enhancing Drugs
(Revised August 2016.)
Replaces previous editions: 
130pp PDF; 4.5MB

A free reference pack for anyone with an interest in Performance Enhancing Drugs; useful for workers and users. Loads of information and look up tools. Also includes care planning tools and a Needle Exchange assessment tool. Substantially revised August 2016

The Cannabis Briefing

Updated July 2010
Important updates; replaces previous editions:

A free, comprehensive and indispensable guide to cannabis for workers and users. Approaches cannabis from a harm reduction perspective, looks at health, social and legal issues. An indispensable resource for anyone interested in the most widely used illicit drug in the UK.

Updated 2010 with more on dependency, mental health and working with dependency.

Drugs Facts 2010

Complete Drug Facts
Drug Facts Reader
Drug Fact Cards

Updated and revise August 2010 with new Mephedrone, Melanotan cards, Mephdrone Data Sheet and revised law.

The KFx Drug Facts resources, which are available and viewable on the site, can be downloaded here in three different formats.

The Complete Drug Facts includes all the text, fact cards and harm reduction cards.

The Drug Facts Reader contains the text only.

The Drug Facts Cards collates all the Drug facts and HR cards only.

Needle Exchange and other Harm Reduction resources
The Safer Injecting Pack 2008

A 128 page resource pack which is usually only distributed on courses. Due to a number of requests this is being made available free, for downloads. Last time we tried this (with the steroid pack) we suggested people might like to make a donation to support costs. No-one did but, undeterred, here's another freebie for you.

This is a very handy reference text for injectors, workers and service managers and will be an essential read for anyone concerned about injecting.

Needle Sizes Poster and Needle Selection Flow Chart
Updated 2018

A favourite from the Safer Injecting course this collection of three slides includes a comprehensive chart of needles and their use in Needle Exchange, a "rationalized" range of needles - which should form the backbome of any exchange and a selection algorithm to help shape discussions about needle selection with injectors.

The posters can be printed up to a3 individually or printed as 2pp a4 for distribution.

Needle Exchange: Site and Needle Poster
[1pp: colour: PDF: 2018]
Another aide-memoire from the Safer Injecting training - which shows key injecting site, likely needle selection and key harm reduction for each site. Use to promote discussions during one-to-one interventions in Nx settings
Drug Forms for Nx Workers
[1pp: colour: PDF: 2018]
An aide-memoire from Nx training. Summarises key forms of drugs, which ones need acid and heating, whether they should go IM, IV or SC, and alternative routes.
Hostel Opiate Overdose Risk Assessment Tool (V4)
A simple screening tool for hostel staff and housing workers to assess level of overdose risk and plan accordingly for new hostel residents; redesigned in colour and jointly released with Homeless Link
Drugs and Mental Health Hospitals - Dogs and the Police
This leaflet is intended to help explain why sniffer dogs may end up getting used in Hospital settings and to explain to patients what their rights are when enforcement action takes place in hospital wards.
The leaflet qwas originally written in 2007 in co-operation with Thames Valley Forensic mental Health Servicesford. As part of the website overhaul it has been reformatted and rechecked prior to re-publishing.
PDF 12 Pages
Blue Light Blues A paper that explains why putting blue lights in toilets is an ineffecttive and dangerous way of preventing injecting and looks at safer alternatives
Drugs and Premises - the Law and Good Practice

Sample Drugs Policy 2017 (High Tolerance)
March 2017
Replaces previous editions

Version 8 of the Sample Drugs Policy. Revisions incluuding simplified wording and new sections on Novel Psychoactives and other legislative changes
this version is the most high tolerance for housing providers working with ongoing use on site and seeking to work in the most inclusive, eyes wide open way.
PDF only - 2mb - 73 pages

Sample Drugs Policy 2017 (Moderate Tolerance)
March 2017

This Moderate Tolerance version is more restrictive than the high tolerance one. It is intended for arenas where drug use may take place but the organisation's aim is not to work with high levels of ongoing use. therefore the wording is less permissive.
PDF only - 2mb - 73 pages

Sample Drugs Policy 2017 (Low Tolerance)
March 2017

This version of the Sample Drugs Policy is for agencies who do not anticipate working with active drug users and needs to take a more restrictive approach. it is not "zero tolerance" and is not suitable for agencies seeking to work with active use.
PDF only - 2mb - 73 pages

Drug Use and Homelessness

Toolkit 1: Assessment of local need.

Document to assist the process of estimating the level of need for housing amongst drug users and the use of drugs amongst those in housing need. First part of the new KFx toolkit.
Psychoactive Substances Act 2016
A Q+A format sumamry of the PSA including implications for Social Landlords and a process flowchart. 6pp PDF
Management of Drugs on Premises
Regional Protocols for Accommodation Providers
Strategies for Development and Implementation

New for August 2007
New document to help regional bodies developing regional protocols get it right and avoid common perils and pitfalls.

Legislation (2007 update)

updated January 2007
minor updates;
replaces previous editions
Scheduled for revision 1/09 to reflect cannabis reclassification

This booklet updates previous "Legislation" sections which should now be discarded. It reflects amendments made to the paraphernalia laws, and reclassification of Methamphetamines.

Please read in conjunction with "Managing Drugs on Premises" briefing above.

Managing Drugs on Premises

updated January 2006 with several substantial amendments
Replaces previous editions

Updated document (1.4.04) that looks at the current obligations for managers of premises with updates relating to Section 8(d) of the MDA, the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 and the reclassification of cannabis. Essential reading.

Landlords and Drugs

updated January 2006

minor amendments

A booklet for landlords. This summarises their key legal obligations under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and updates relating to the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003

It is intended as an aide-memoire for private landlords, especially those working in cooperation with RSLs to provide housing to people who use drugs. Please read in conjunction with "Managing Drugs on Premises" briefing above.

Injecting Equipment and Sharps Bins

Updated February 2006
Important updates;
replaces previous editions

This updated document replaces the previous version and reflects changes in the legislation relating to the distribution of injecting paraphernalia.

Policing Cannabis

Joint working protocols for managing cannabis use in residential settings reviewed with minor revisions January 2006

This document looks at the scope and process for agreeing a local policy between the police and social care providers for the management of cannabis use in residential and other settings.

On Storage

reviewed and minor revisions January 2006

This long awaited document looks at the current legislation, guidance and Caselaw related to the storage of controlled drugs outside of medical settings. It looks at the legality of this activity, and strategies for managing the storage of drugs within the law.

Closure Orders - How to Respond

Feb 2005

A briefing for tenants, squatters, or other occupiers who have been made the subject of a Closure Notice under the Antisocial Behaviour Act and wish to proceed. The document is @nticopyright and can be copied and redistributed

School Report - Random Drug Testing

May 2005

Faversham School in Kent launched a programme of random drug testing in school early in 2005. This document looks at the problems of such an approach. It is an accessible document as relevant for pupils and parents as drugs workers. Please redistribute widely!
Drugs and School, Dogs and the Police A paper for young people looking at drugs in schools, and the rights of pupils when it comes to dogs, searching and the police.

Familiar Drugs

Working Inclusively with Families about Drugs

This document was originally written whilst at the Inclusion Project at Release. It is re-released here to make a contribution to the ongoing issue of work with parents, carers and other family members.
Room For Drugs Written for the Inclusion Project at Release, this document is (c) Release. It looks at the policy, practice and legal issues relating to the Misuse of Drugs act and working with drug users in premises settings. Please read in conjunction with "Use and Supply on Premises" briefing above.
Smoke and Whispers

Originally written whilst I worked for Turning Point, this landmark document was one of the first pieces of work that identified the high levels of drug use amongst people who were homeless and using drugs. There's a new preface. It's a Word file as my best attempts to convert it to a PDF file have so far failed! Slightly dated now, there is much here that I would love to revisit. So if anyone wants to fund this piece of work please get in touch!

Making Contact

An analysis of satellite work as a strategy for reaching "hard to reach" populations. Again, written whilst at the Hungerford Project. But unfortunately they don't see fit to post these things on their website so they are here instead!

Whilst there is much here that I still like, I would now change my stance about the approach to confidentiality outlined here. I think that closer joint working and policy revision is a better strategy than the ring-fenced approach advocated here.

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